25 Innovative Dog, Cat & Pet Brands using Shopify Plus

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Shopify Plus is the leading ecommerce platform for businesses looking to take their online presence to the next level. It offers robust functionality, flexibility, and scalability, making it an ideal choice for companies looking to create an engaging online shopping experience for their customers. In this article, we take a closer look at 25 innovative pet brands that use Shopify Plus to sell their products online. From pet food and toys to supplements and accessories, these brands push the boundaries of what's possible in the pet industry, offering pet owners high-quality, unique products that address the specific needs of furry companions.


ruffwear shopify plus

Ruffwear is a brand that specializes in high-performance gear for dogs and their human companions who love exploring the outdoors. From backpacks and harnesses to boots and jackets, Ruffwear offers a wide range of durable and comfortable products designed to help dogs and their owners make the most of their adventures together.


fluentPet shopify plus

FluentPet is a dog language learning system designed to help pet owners teach their furry friends new words and commands in a fun and interactive way. The system includes a variety of vocabulary cards with pictures, audio cues, and phonetic spelling, as well as interactive games and exercises that can be played on tablets and smartphones.


greenies shopify plus

Greenies is a well-known brand that offers dental treats for dogs and cats. Their products are designed to promote oral health by reducing plaque and tartar buildup, freshening breath, and helping maintain healthy teeth and gums.


petlibro shopify plus

Petlibro is a brand that offers a range of innovative pet products designed to make pet ownership easier and more fun. The product line includes pet feeders, pet water fountains and pet cameras. Petlibro products are easy to use and packed with advanced features that meet the needs of pets and their owners.

Wild One

wild one shopify plus

Wild One is a brand that creates stylish and functional pet products for the modern pet parent. Their collection includes a variety of quality products such as collars, leads, harnesses, bowls and toys.

Basepaws Pet Genetics

basepaws pet genetics shopify plus

Basepaws is a feline DNA testing company who help pet owners to find out more about their feline friends. The company offers comprehensive genetic reports with information on cat breeds, potential health risks, and personality traits.


birdbuddy shopify plus

Birdbuddy is a birdhouse camera and monitoring system that allows you to watch, listen and record the activities of birds in their natural habitat. It is equipped with a high-quality camera that streams 24/7 live footage to your phone or tablet, allowing you to observe the bird activity from anywhere.

Whistle Smart Devices

whistle smart devices shopify plus

Whistle Smart Devices is a company who make smart, connected pet devices that enable pet owners to track and monitor their pet's health and behavior. The company's flagship product, the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker, uses GPS technology to track a pet's real-time location and alerts pet owners if they stray from a designated safe location.

Dutch Online Vet Care

dutch online vet care shopify plus

Dutch Online Vet Care is an online veterinary service that enables Dutch pet owners to access professional veterinary care from the comfort of their own home. With the latest technology, pet owners can consult licensed veterinarians for expert advice and treatment without leaving their homes.

Tuft and Paw

tuft and paw shopify plus

Tuft and Paw is a cat furniture brand that designs and manufactures stylish, high quality cat furniture. They believe cats should have furniture that complements their unique style and needs, and that cat owners should be able to enjoy furniture that blends into their home decor.

Honest Paws

honest paws shopify plus

Honest Paws is a brand dedicated to improving the health and well-being of pets through natural, high-quality CBD products. They offer a variety of CBD-infused treats, oils, and balms designed to help pets manage issues like anxiety, pain, and inflammation.

Fresh Patch

fresh patch shopify plus

Fresh Patch is a company that offers natural grass patches for dogs that can be used as convenient toilet solutions. These eco-friendly disposable patches are made from real grass and can be used indoors or outdoors. Perfect for pet owners who live in an apartment and have limited access to the outdoors, or whose busy schedule doesn't allow them to walk their dogs as often as needed.

Jinx Food

jinx food shopify plus

Jinx is a high-quality pet food brand manufacturing nutritious food for dogs and cats. Their recipes are made with natural, food-grade ingredients and are free of artificial preservatives, fillers, and by-products.

SpotOn GPS Fence

spoton gps fence shopify plus

SpotOn GPS Fence is a brand that specializes in manufacturing innovative GPS-based pet restraint systems. It allows pet owners to set virtual boundaries for their pets without the need for traditional physical fences. The company was founded with the goal of providing a safe and effective way to confine pets while giving pet owners the freedom to exercise and explore.

Link Pet GPS

link pet gps shopify plus

Link Pet GPS is a pet tracking device company that uses GPS technology to track the location of pets. The small, lightweight device attaches to a pet's collar and provides real-time location updates to the owner's smartphone.

Made by Nacho

made by nacho shopify plus

Made by Nacho is a cat food brand founded by chef Bobby Flay and his cat, Nacho Flay, who are passionate about teaching the world about cat nutrition. They have set a new standard in cat care by providing everything a cat needs to live a full and nourished life.

Pawfy Pet Nutrition

pawfy pet nutrition shopify plus

Pawfy is a supplement brand for dogs that creates balanced nutrition backed by science. Pawfy pride themselves on locally made supplements that guarantee quality and transparency. Each formula targets common canine problems and is proven to improve your pet's health using beneficial ingredients.

Antinol Supplements

antinol shopify plus

Antinol is a brand that manufactures innovative, high quality nutritional supplements for pets, especially dogs and cats. A key ingredient in their nutritional supplement is PCSO-524, a unique patented extract derived from green-lipped mussels found exclusively in New Zealand's pristine waters.

Natusan Cat Products

natusan shopify plus

Natusan is a brand that offers sustainable and eco-friendly cat litter products. Natusan's cat litter is made from 100% natural biodegradable materials including wood pellets and contains no harmful chemicals or additives.

Smarty Pear Self Cleaning Litter Robot

smarty pear shopify plus

Smarty Pear is a pet technology company dedicated to improving the lives of pets and pet owners with smart products like self-cleaning litter boxes. Smarty Pear's innovative products help pet owners keep litter boxes clean and odor-free.

Woof Dog Toys

woof dog toys shopify plus

Woof Dog Toys is a pet brand that specializes in making durable, safe and fun toys for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Their toys are designed to withstand rigorous play while keeping dogs entertained and mentally stimulated.


animalBiome shopify plus

AnimalBiome is a pet health company focused on improving your pet's gut microbiome through microbiome testing and nutritional supplements. They offer a microbiome testing kit that allows pet owners to identify imbalances in their pet's gut health and create a personalized supplementation plan to improve their overall health.


flygrubs shopify plus

Flygrubs is a brand that produces high quality, eco-friendly, nutritious treats for chickens and other birds. Their main product is the Black Soldier Fly Larvae, a sustainable source of protein that is also good for the environment.

Andy Hay

Andy Hay Shopify Plus

Andy Hay is a family owned brand that delivers high quality, fresh grass hay for pets. Run by the fourth generation of the Anderson family, Andy Hay sources only natural hay and carefully harvests it to ensure exceptional quality and flavor in every box year-round.

Nestera Chicken Coops

nestera chicken coops shopify plus

Nestera Chicken Coops offers a variety of high quality, customizable chicken coops. Made in the USA with premium materials, their cages provide a safe and comfortable home for feathered friends.

These 25 innovative dog, cat, and pet brands using Shopify Plus are paving a new path in the pet industry, with unique products, excellent customer service, and an appreciation for pet owners and their furry friends. With Shopify Plus, these companies are able to create a seamless online shopping experience, managing their stores more efficiently, and continuing to grow and expand their offerings. Whether you're a pet owner or just an animal lover, these brands are worth your attention as they continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of pets.