5 Beautiful Apps For Concentration

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Let’s be real here… With so many videos of adorable ducks clacking around the internet, how do we concentrate for long enough to get anything done?

Information overload and our phones buzzing with social stuff 24/7 makes it hard to get everything done. Oh, we know. Which is why we've made a list of a few apps and widgets to help you zone in and focus on the things that matter. 


Use Noisli to help you create the perfect ambiance in your brain. It's a white noise app that you can use to mix different natural sounds like waves crashing or a crackling fire. Play around and find a mix that engages your brain in the background while keeping away distractions. Noisly is perfect for people who can't work to music, but want some sort of noise in the background. It's also got a timer to help you keep track. 

Price: Free on Desktop, $2.99 on iTunes 


Check your phone every time it buzzes? It's tempting. To help you curb the temptation, try Forest. When you open the app, a virtual seed is planted and starts growing into a tree. Check your phone early, and the tree withers away. 

The more virtual trees you manage to plant and grow, the more digital coins you get. You can then use these to donate to plant real trees with their partner charity. Win, win. 

Price: $2.99

Available on: iPhone/Android/Desktop


If you need help breaking down your tasks into concentratable chunks of time, Tide is an awesome choice. It combines white noise with the pomodoro method of chunkifying your time. You set 25 minute timers for concentrated work, during which you can play your choice of ambient sounds, music, or both. Take a short five minute break, then get going on the next 25 minutes. Instead of spending three hours wafting around and not getting much done, Tide and the pomodoro method help you set aside time to work and time for breaks. 

Price: Free

Available on: iPhone/Android 

Bonus Widget -- 

If you're looking for a desktop version of the pomodoro method, try marinaratimer.com


If you're looking for a radio station that keeps your creative juices flowing, and aren't interested in the sounds of birds chirping or thunderstorms, try focusmusic.fm. You can choose electronic, downtempo, classical or other music that is perfect for staying in work mode. It's not the glitziest app, but it gets the job done. 

Price: Free

Available on: iPhone/Desktop


Similar to the ones above, Brain.fm is a radio app designed for keeping your brain engaged. This time, you can choose exactly what kind of mood you want to be in. Its algorithms help find you beats and sounds that help your brain focus, relax or sleep depending on what you're looking for. Even after just a few minutes you'll be able to feel the difference. 

Price: Free

Available on: iPhone/Desktop

So there you have it. Try out some of these concentration helpers and see what works for you? Have a favourite, or a different suggestion? We'd love to hear it - Tweet @elkfox to let us know.