5 Hilarious Examples of Ecommerce in Real Life

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Shopping from your pyjamas is supposed to be super easy...right? We've dug up a few examples of real life people using the principles of online shopping (or making fun of it).

I wasn't looking for bubble bath for my grandma

Rackspace Digital wondered what the most common online shopping cart mishaps would look like in real life in this funny video -- including seriously wrong assumptions in "related searches" and mysteriously disappearing inventory. 

I swear this is my correct username

Ok, you've put together your cart. You're ready to go, you put in your login username and....it's wrong. How could it be wrong? Ok try a number instead of spelling it out. Got it! But your password is off.. Submit "Forgot Password". Get the email. Reset your password. Type out the Captcha. It's not working. Ugggghhh. You just leave it and say you'll get to it later. 

The Google Analytics team put together this hilarious video, showing what some of our frustrations with online checkouts might feel like if we were going through them at the supermarket. Definitely a good chuckle. 

I'm just looking for normal milk

No I really was not interested in"how to make boat deck cleaner out of pineapples" when I Googled "fried rice recipe". Here's a video poking fun at poorly targeted search results that make you go, "How on earth do they think this is what I wanted?"

Please leave me alone. 

The Google Analytics Team is on point with these. They're making fun of how landing pages can sometimes feel like a sleazy salesman who just won't go away. That's not the point of shopping from your couch. 


Only the rookie hits "reply all" in ALL CAPS

Those of us who get dozens of emails a day are used to quickly filtering them out -- but it's an art. From junk mail to having a full inbox, Tripp and Tyler came up with "what Email would be like in real life". 

The lesson? Abandoned carts aren't a given. 

Your customers can get frustrated by these kinds of mishaps. By figuring out where your site might have some hitches, what your customers really want, and what makes for professional messaging. 

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