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The Multi-Shop Management Edition

Own multiple Shopify stores?

With these new feature rollouts, running your ecommerce store is about to become a whole lot more streamlined.

Shopify Plus is getting a revamp. Not a “we’ve done up the bathroom” but more of a “we’ve torn down the back wall, taken over half the back garden and now have a carbon neutral, open-plan living area”!

Shopify Plus powers some of the biggest brands in ecommerce. These online stores have smashed records and become major success stories – we’re talking Kylie Kardashian’s makeup line. In the first six weeks alone, Kylie Cosmetics sold a whopping $54.5 million worth of products!

Shopify needs to be continuously on the lookout for problems ecommerce merchants are experiencing and find creative solutions. The features launch announced in June is a promising sign that they’re listening to you and raising the bar for ecommerce.

Now it’s time for us to scope out what this means for you – the merchants.

Shopify Plus multi store management

Merged identity account for managing multiple Shopify Plus stores

Expanding multiple stores is an excellent diversification strategy. However, logistics can quickly become complicated, processes sluggish and the issues endless. The challenges of managing multiple stores are likely to involve having a stress ball at hand throughout the day.

Up until this point, you’ve probably spent more time than you’d like logging in and out of stores to access customer data, managing orders and general maintenance. For a lot of our clients, it’s unheard of to capture a daily brand-wide glance at their business performance quickly.

With this launch, you’ll be able to access everything from a single merged identity account. Insights and analytics will all be rolled up in one place. We know from helping clients manage their multiple stores that this is going to save a lot of time. But more importantly, it will empower them to provide better customer service thanks to the detailed insights into how their brand interacts as a whole in the market.

Shopify Plus multi store management

A simple process for creating new Shopify Plus stores

Access all your stores with a single login. In a few clicks, you can automatically set up a store, add it to your organisation to oversee from the central login. Shopify is also looking into a feature where you can clone stores which will make this process even more streamlined.

Shopify Plus Managing staff access across multiple Shopify Plus stores

Managing staff access across multiple Shopify Plus stores

All user staff accounts will now be available to access from one central place. You’ll probably be familiar with the effort of adding a new user to multiple stores. It involves traipsing in and out of each store granting access and setting permissions. Soon this process now be configured in the central login, just choose which stores to grant access to, set up a few permissions and – fin! Job done.

Definitely, this is the most anticipated new featured. For any ecommerce business owners with more than one store, you can now merge your team management tasks. We’re expecting this to shave chunks of admin time from your working day.

The admin interface will also display analytics for each store that they’re operating so you can capture snapshots of team performance across stores.

Manage customers in one single area of Shopify Plus

When a customer contacts support with a question, you can search for them in a single central record of interactions across your entire business. The more insights you have into their dilemma, the more personalised an experience you can provide. So, here’s to a boost in customer satisfaction to help you attract and keep customers!

Here’s the article for merchants who are ready to strategise their way to retaining customers and get the most out of these powerful analytics.

Shopify Plus automation

Duplicate Shopify Flows for multiple stores

Shopify Flow – which automates tasks is about to get even more efficient with this new multi-store streamline. Soon your workflows can quickly be enabled across all stores. Again, it just takes one glance to see how workflows are performing across your brand.

Businesses struggle with agility as they grow – which is why we’re excited to be helping our clients’ get the most out of these features.

Essentially, this feature’s launch is going to make it easier for you to allocate time and resources to each of your storefronts. Right now, we’ve not been made aware of the launch timeframe though we suspect that it will be released in increments. Stay tuned for developments!


These features are coming soon. Contact us for more information, or sign up for the beta access here.

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