Announcing Instagram Ad Campaigns From MailChimp!

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Let The Monkey Do The Talking

MailChimp, one of the easiest and most powerful business email softwares, has just announced the new ability to make Instagram ads directly through it. This post walks you step-by-step in making and monitoring an Insta Ad through Mailchimp.

Why Advertise on Instagram?

Social Selling, or selling directly through social media, is the idea that you should setting up shop right where your customers are. Instagram is a great way to engage audiences and keep up with the competition.

Instagram has some of the most engaged users of any social media platform. That means people are looking through their instagrams and making purchases on things they find appealing. Learn more about using Instagram for your business here.

So Easy, A Monkey Could Do It

If you’re already using Mailchimp and Instagram, making an ad for Instagram is a pretty straightforward process. Here’s a breakdown.

Step One: From your Mailchimp admin, click “Create new ad campaign”

Step Two: Choose the platform you’re advertising on
You can click either just Instagram or both Facebook and Instagram

Step Three: Choose who to target
The basic is to target your current mailchimp users, but take it a step further by clicking on “engage similar audiences”. This will help you reach new people that have expressed similar interests. You can also choose to market in specific locations if your products are place-specific or your data shows particular popularity in a certain place.

Step Four: Set Your Budget and Time
You can choose your budget and time. And here’s one of the great things about MailChimp - There’s no extra charge. You’re getting charged the same amount you would through Instagram, but now you get extra making-and-monitoring help with your ad.

Step Five: Make The Actual Ad
Pick a product image or two, add a catchy headline, and of course link to the product page. Check out some helpful tips on making professional product photos from your smartphone.

Step Six: Check Your Stats
Your campaign stats will show you exactly how much you’ve made using a particular instagram or facebook ad, so you can learn what works and what doesn’t.

Why Should I Bother Using MailChimp?

There are plenty of ways to get started selling on Instagram, including services like Kit. But MailChimp has the advantage of its full integration with your other ad campaigns like email and facebook. It connects directly with Shopify, so anyone that’s bought through your store is part of your system. MailChimp puts what you’ve already built to work.

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