Announcing Shopify Pay: A Faster Safer Way To Pay

Announcing Shopify Pay: A Faster Safer Way To Pay

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Are you ever on the go and hate having to fill out every field on an online checkout? Yeah, me too. One of Shopify's exciting announcements at the Unite Conference in San Francisco was Shopify Pay - a streamlined process for paying with any Shopify store. 

When a customer puts in their name, email, address and credit card info once, they can choose to have Shopify securely store their shipping and payment info. The next time they want to make a purchase from any Shopify-powered store, they'll receive a text with a six digit code to enter -- rather than having to do all their details again. 

Their details aren't stored by any single Shopify store, and the process is fully encrypted end-to-end. 

Why Use Shopify Pay? 

Awesome for customers

Shopify Pay makes it easier for both customers and merchants for a smooth checkout process. The feature lets customers save their details safely -- reducing the required fields of information from 16 to 2. This reduces the hassle for customers using Shopify Pay, and increases the chance that they'll complete their purchase. Customers can opt out at any time. 

Merchants love it, too

Shopify merchants have already seen a big difference since the release of Shopify Pay. Stores that accept Shopify Pay see checkout completion times that are up to 40% faster, with a higher conversion rate of 18% for returning customers!

Is it safe?

Yes! Shopify Pay uses end-to-end encryption to store all sensitive information on their PCI-compliant servers. 

The two step verification using a text message means that only the authorised user is actually making the purchase. 

Make It Happen

Merchants have to accept Shopify Payments as a gateway in order to take advantage of Shopify Pay.

1. From your Shopify Admin, hit settings --> Payments

2. In the Accept Credit Cards section, click Add/Change a provider

3. Select Shopify Payments --> Continue

4. Complete your account setup, including your bank details and account info

5. Once you have set up Shopify Payments as a gateway, go to the Customers section of your admin and make sure your customer accounts are optional or disabled

What does that mean?

Customer accounts let customers sign directly into your store using password protection. If your store includes customer accounts, their shipping and payment details are already stored with you. Shopify Pay does not keep those details with you, and instead holds them on Shopify's servers.

What Now?

Shopify Pay is available to any store using the Shopify Payments gateway, or will become available within the next few weeks. If you have questions about how to set up Shopify Pay or what gateways to use, get in touch with us today.

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