Announcing The New Chip and Swipe Reader For Shopify POS

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The Shopify POS is a setup that lets you sell in-person while staying completely connected to your online store. Recently, Shopify's announced the latest part of the kit - a Chip & Swipe Credit Card Reader that makes it fast and secure to accept payments in-person. The POS connects hardware like the credit card reader with a Shopify app that keeps all of your sales management in one place. 

What's new about this card reader?

The Point of Sale setup has been around for a while, including various card readers. But this time, she's a beauty. It's simple, minimal and easier to handle than previous, clunkier models. The new version is designed so you can use it with just one hand, and it can be a permanent setup for retail cashiers, or can be used wirelessly with your smartphone for on-the-go sales at events, pop-ups or markets.

Because it's connected with your Shopify store, you can accept all major credit cards using the card reader. You do have to be using Shopify Payments (which is a good idea anyway). 

Switch To Chip

The new reader supports chip-and-pin technology with the latest EMV chips. You simply dip a credit card with a chip in to the card reader, then collect your customer's pin or signature on your tablet or mobile screen. The Shopify POS app safely stores their signature for verification. Chip-and-pin readers are one of the more secure technologies that keep your customers safe from fraud, compared to other methods. 

You can still swipe older credit cards with the built-in mag stripe reader. Powerful, Yet Pocket-Sized.

You can connect this compact and portable card reader through Bluetooth to your iOS or Android phone or tablet. It's easy to carry around, and comes with a countertop base so you can keep it ready to use. 

The reader itself has a long-lasting battery life, and can handle nearly 400 transactions between charges (for most small retailers, that will get you almost through the week!). 

What are the limitations?

Though this is a better version than what Shopify was offering before, it still has a ways to go. First off, it's only available in the US at the moment, and it's only available through Shopify Payments.

But the biggest problem is that it's already behind a bit, as it doesn't offer tap-and-go or contactless, which is the preferred method for shoppers in Australia or the UK. If the card reader expands across the pond, it will have to catch up a bit.

What now?

Shopify POS is an ideal way to build your business both online and on the ground. It's free to use for any Shopify merchant, and the hardware such as the new chip and swipe card reader can be purchased for a one-time fee of $29.

Learn more about the card reader, or feel free to contact Elkfox for more information today.

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