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Here at Elkfox, we recommend Shopify for business owners seeking a host for their e-commerce store. Shopify is a great tool with an array of useful features, including product organisation, store customisation, and order tracking - just to name a few. However, there is one recurring drawback that many Shopify merchants face, and that is Shopify’s unforgiving recovery tools (or lack thereof).

Essentially, if a user is suddenly disconnected from the Internet, faces a programme failure, or makes a careless mistake, Shopify isn’t able to restore or provide backups of any information lost on your store. Instead, merchants are confronted with some less than attractive alternatives, such as reproducing website content from scratch, or laboriously restoring information using manual backups (how recently did you manually backup your store?!)

Whilst Shopify is forward thinking in many respects, its backup software lacks any automated features. Think about the long, hard hours that you’ve put into creating your ecommerce store: allowing it to digitally float around, without any backup or ability to restore it seems pretty irresponsible, don’t you think? So, what do you do if things go south?

What’s the alternative?

Until now, Shopify merchants have been forced to perform a manual back up using hard drives or CSV, which is a particularly time consuming operation in itself. Restoration isn’t a streamlined process either.

Rewind is a great app for those Shopify merchants needing to perform a store backup. For as little as $5 per month, the app is a real game-changer for anything lost from your website. Here are some of the features we’re most excited about.

1. Daily, automatic backup

Whilst it’s good practice to continually save changes and adjustments to you e-commerce store, as human beings we often forget or don’t leave enough time to ensure backups are completed and documents are saved correctly. Rewind automatically saves changes and backs up any data from your store daily. Everything is saved and stored on the Rewind Vault by date, and you will have access your data, which is saved in real time monitoring. Finally!

2. It’s safe

Rewind is a completely safe and secure app, which protects all of the old and new data you are generating.

3. Easy setup

Rewind has a clear and user-friendly interface contributing to better UX (User Experience). Once installed via your Shopify store, the service will automatically back up everything including: your theme, layout, customer information, products, product images, order information, return information, pages, policies and so forth. Rewind ensures that users have easy access to and navigation of their data.

4. Restoring has never been this simple

No more trudging through hard drives that are poorly organised, copying and pasting huge chunks of information and slowly, manually restoring data. Restoring via Rewind requires the user to simply click on the date that they wish to restore from, and select any individual aspect. What’s more, Rewind’s customer support service has received excellent reviews, so don’t hesitate to reach out for help if you’re experiencing ay difficulty!

5. Provides your business with insights

Rewind produces a weekly roundup of insights, including store activity, orders, customer information, product changes etc. You can collect and use this information to improve conversion rates.

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Ensuring that your backup systems are up to date and your information is properly organised is an essential part of running a business, which you as a merchant must take responsibility for. If you’re having difficulty managing the inventory of your online store, click here. Here at Elkfox, we are Shopify experts who support to business owners seeking to maximise conversion rates, and iron out any seams when things go wrong. For more information, get in touch.