Connect With Your Customers: Introducing Shopify Ping

Connect With Your Customers: Introducing Shopify Ping

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Spend Less Time Switching Between Separate Tools & Apps And More Time On Your Customers

Smartphones are amazing. There’s an app for almost everything. But what if you wanted to compile all of your business efforts into one place? Now you can, with Shopify Ping.

Shopify has just announced the upcoming launch of Shopify Ping, a mobile workspace where you can bring together all your customer communications, marketing efforts and more. And best of all: it's free!

How does Shopify Ping work?

Shopify Ping pulls information from the messaging apps you already use, including Facebook Messenger, Chatkit and, with more to come soon. This means less time wasted navigating between each app and more time spent building stronger customer relationships. Canadian merchants will receive access to this feature within June-August this year, with plans to roll out across other regions swiftly.

Receive built-in assistance thanks to Kit

It just keeps on getting better - Shopify Ping also comes with Kit, a free virtual employee/business assistant to help manage your marketing activities. Kit can suggest and automate:

  • Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Retargeting campaigns
  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Inventory sourcing
  • Social media posts

… all within Shopify Ping. How good’s that!?

Be the first to know when Shopify Ping becomes available

Hanging out to download the new Shopify Ping app? Sign up to be notified when it becomes available to download here.

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