Introducing Burst By Shopify

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When you go on a website, the first things you notice are the design and images. A picture is worth a lot - and having an appealing image at the top of a post or webpage is a must. 

Stock images are most ecommerce stores' go-to. But finding stock images that are relevant, high quality, visually appealing and free? It's tricky. 

So exciting, we could burst

Shopify's just launched Burst, a completely free-to-use stock image service for entrepreneurs. It's ideal for small brands looking for access to high-quality, royalty-free product photos. 

All images available are royalty-free under the Creative Commons Zero licence, so you're unrestricted in the way you use them. Whether it's for a blog post, a product photo, a marketing campaign -- have at it. You can even edit them, add your own text or create your own designs based off of them. 

A picture is worth a ideas

Burst isn't just free photos to use; they come with business ideas and assets you can put to work. Need inspiration? Looking for your next step? Burst can get the cognitive juices popping. 

How You Can Use Burst

Burst emphasises what's trending now. Photos are organised into collections that feature a single industry or product. If you're selling a particular product that's on Burst -- boom, you've got it all in one spot. 

Build Websites

One of the great things about Burst is that all photos were shot with Shopify themes in mind. They fit perfectly in a Shopify out-of-the-box website. Burst images are flooding in with free, professional images for features, backgrounds and products.

Create Professional Marketing Campaigns

Burst photos are all high resolution, making them perfectly clear in marketing campaigns like instagram ads or email blasts. They also look amazing printed, and you can easily add your logo or info onto them. 

Trending Business Ideas 

Each set of Bursts includes a business idea, photo collection, and helpful information about the industry. 

Bath Bombs

Lip Balm


Cell Phone Cases


Get Started with Business Starter Packs 

Burst is the perfect landing point for clients who want to start selling online but aren't sure exactly what to do. Burst has business starter packs that include photos, suppliers and more industry-specific info. For more information, feel free to contact Elkfox today.

Images via Burst