Introducing Buy One Get One (BOGO) & Quantity Discounts!

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How do you fast track your growth as a Shopify merchant?

Some of the most successful Shopify Plus stores have done so by increasing their average order value (AOV). Offering an incentive that persuades customers to add extra items to their shopping cart whilst remaining profitable is key to fast business growth.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing BOGO & Quantity Discounts

This week, Shopify released a new discount code functionality so that you can experiment with new incentives to attract both new customers and reward loyal, long-time customers.

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You can now create ‘Buy X get Y’ discount codes using Shopify. Done right, these discount codes are a powerful tool for growing sales and increasing your profits. For example:

  • Buy X, get a second product or collection free, or discounted: e.g. buy 1 pair of shoes, get socks 50% off
  • Specify single of multiple products or collections as X and Y: e.g. buy any product, receive 40% off shirts and dresses
  • Discount based on product variant: e.g. buy 1 large navy shirt, get 1 t-shirt free.

Quantity discounts

Shopify has also enabled quantity discounts so you can offer great discounts based on the number of items a customer purchases or the amount they spend. Check out these examples below:

  • Offer a % discount based on the quantity or cart value: e.g. buy 3 or more t-shirts, receive 25% off
  • Offer $ discounts based on quantity or cart value: e.g. spend $200 or more and get $40 off
  • Offer free shipping based on quantity or cart value: e.g. free shipping when you spend $100 or more.

So, why should I use BOGO and quantity discounts?

Offering varied promotions and discounts adds an element of surprise to the shopping experience, as well as giving customers an incentive to purchase from your store in the future.

Don’t worry, you can still limit customer eligibility, whether that be limiting the discount code to a specific group or a specific customer. The option to set a usage limit also remains.

Ready to get started?

Ready to start creating discount codes your customers will love? If you need any guidance, we’re here to help. We’re Shopify experts.