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Everyone's checking their emails (and everything else) on their phones. That means, of course, that optimising your emails to be seen on phones is no longer an option. Understanding how email behaves on mobile devices is the first step.

Not only is it important for your customers to see email well on their phones - business owners can manage their account on the go with MailChimp. Indicators like ecommerce performance, audience growth and campaign engagement can be seen while tapping away on your mobile instead of your computer. The MailChimp Mobile app (available for both iOS and Android devices). We go over what MailChimp Mobile does for you. 

What Can MailChimp Mobile Do?

View and send campaigns

You can design and edit email campaigns on your desktop or tablet, and send them straight from your phone. MailChimp shows you the same checklist and quality control features on your phone as it does on your desktop. 

Keep tabs on your account

The latest release of MailChimp mobile brings you a Dashboard filled with data that you can check while discreetly pretending you're not texting during a meeting. KPIs like revenue, audience growth, account usage or campaign engagement are available from the Dashboard. You've also got tabs like Explore, which introduces you to new features that might be right for your business; Overview; and Activity tabs that let you switch easily between summary and actions. Chimp Chatter is a feature meant to a glimpse of the account’s overall performance. 

Spot trends right away

The Overview tab is a map of your account’s most relevant data, divided into 3 cards—E-Commerce, Audience, and Campaign engagement. 

Each metric uses its own graph to display your weekly, monthly, or annual performance. This can help you better understand how you're growing, which months might have your most activity, and what campaigns were the most effective. 

Charting E-Commerce activity 

One of the best features about using Shopify with MailChimp is that you can see exactly how much each email campaign generated in sales. Check out the E-Commerce card to keep track of your marketing initiatives.

On the same card, you'll see a breakdown of your revenue data by workflow - along with the total for your store - including revenue generated by non-MailChimp sources. The data visualisations they use are easy to read and clearly demonstrate a flashpoint in your business.

Track the Growth of your Audience

In the Audience card, you'll see your current subscriber account and be able to compare it to previous timeframes.

You can find out where your subscribers are coming from in the Sources chart. This kind of information can tell you where to concentrate your resources and which sources to move away from or pay more attention to.

Measure Campaign Engagement

You can also track how well your email blasts are doing on the Campaigns section.

You'll be able to track click rates, purchase rates and other ecommerce stats, all visualised to be comparable across campaigns. This can give you valuable insights about what works and what doesn't. The cart adds and purchases made through MailChimp marketing emails can help you figure out what to do to increase engagement.

Account your stats at a glance

The iOS Notification Centre lets you simply swipe left at any time for an overview of your most recent campaign and audience lsits. Quickly add new subscribers directly from your phone, or look through the MailChimp app for more details.

What’s Next? 

Keeping track of how your business is doing is easier with a little help from your friends. The new MailChimp account lets you see all of your important stats at a glance, and add new subscribers you meet in person.

Though it's powerful, the app is not meant to replace the full desktop version of MailChimp. If something seems missing, check MailChimp in your web browser. 

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