Marketing Automation Now Available to all MailChimp users!

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MailChimp have just announced that their powerful marketing automation features are now free for all MailChimp users!

Personalised automations are now available, no matter what plan you're on. Big deal - this means you have an extra set of hands to help with targeted and personalised marketing at a fraction of the time it took before. 

Send the right message at the right moment

What the automations feature lets you do is basically track the level of engagement your customer has, create an appropriate response, and send it out. In just a few clicks, you can build the perfect workflow for your customer experience, customise your settings and get the ball rolling without having to look back. 

For example, you can decide that you want your customer to get a welcome message when they first subscribe, that you want every purchase to be followed up with a thank you message, that after a month of subscription they should get a brand-awareness email or that after three months they should get a discount incentive to shop again. All of these features are now available for FREE from MailChimp.  

Become a better marketer

Marketing is an art and a science, but it's becoming easier to get a handle on both with services like MailChimp. MailChimp helps you identify the intent of your messaging, put together an email that is in your own writing and reach out to customers at different points of their interaction with you. With automated emails, you can reach out regularly to a large customer base in the background while you manage your company. 

There are plenty of automation levers and buttons you can pull. Here are just a few things you can do: 

Follow up on purchases

Send order notifications

Recover abandoned carts

Reward your best customers

Suggest other products your customers will love

This feature is great for any MailChimp user, but is especially useful to ecommerce stores. Continuously engaging with your audiences and seeing what works is the first important step to building up your customer base and getting return customers. 

Marketing automation is available to everyone today, from the Automation tab in your MailChimp account.

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