Multilingual accounts coming to Shopify!

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You want your customers to have a comfortable shopping experience, wherever they are in the world.

Earlier in the week, Shopify announced the release of their first ever multilingual beta, along with the forthcoming release of Local Payment Methods for Shopify Payments.

Bonjour, Ciao, Guten Tag: Check Out Shopify’s New Multilingual Beta

It’s here. For real. Shopify has just released an early beta for Shopify in six different languages: French, German, Japanese, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish.

At this point in time, the beta covers core features across Shopify, so that you can get the ball rolling and start completing everyday tasks in your own language. Seeing as the beta is still in its early stages, you may come across some areas in English, such as the mobile app. Soon enough, you’ll be able to access more of Shopify in your preferred language.

How do I start using Shopify in my own language?

To get started, you must activate the beta, then select your preferred language. You can do so by clicking here. If you decide you want to change the language back to English, that’s not an issue. You can simply change the language settings within your account.

If there’s any feedback you’d like to pass on regarding the beta, there will be a dedicated feedback form within Shopify.

Local Payments for Shopify Payments

Make it easy for your customers to pay, no matter where they’re located.

Beginning this year, sometime between June-August, stores using Shopify Payments will be able to offer local payment options to customers. Customers will also receive access to new and improved payment methods.

How does it work?

Once you have enabled Local Payment Methods in your Shopify store, your buyers will be able to see familiar payment options based on currency and regional popularity.

Providing a greater variety of payment methods that your customers know and trust will not only improve the shopping experience, but hopefully increase conversions and drive more sales in foreign countries.

So, you want to appeal to a broader market

If you’d like some more tips on taking your store international, click here.

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