New Shopify POS Features 2018

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If you’re not familiar with Shopify POS (Point of Sale), it’s both an app and credit-card hardware that lets you accept purchases in person, whether that be in your retail store, at a trade fair or at a pop-up store.

Earlier this week, Shopify announced a whole bunch of new and exciting Shopify POS features, to help all you merchants out there deliver an exceptional customer experience with ease.

So, here we go!

Returns and Exchanges for Shopify POS

Online purchases can be risky, so having an easy returns process is crucial.

Now, merchants will be able to accept online returns in-person using Returns and Exchanges for Shopify POS! Your customers can quit worrying about return labels and overly expensive postage fees to return an online purchase. This feature will be available to Shopify merchants sometime between June-August this year.

The new update will also make returns and exchanges easier on the back-end, too. You’ll have access to improved end-of-day reporting. No longer will you need to keep track of refunds using a pen and paper. It’ll be easier than ever to monitor the reason for a return, whether it be the result of an exchange, or due to a faulty item.

Turn exchanges into upselling opportunities

Last but not least, merchants will have the chance to transform exchanges into upselling opportunities. Performing an exchange through Shopify POS allows retailers to take a balance from a customer’s previous purchase and put it towards a new, more expensive item.

Say a customer wanted to exchange a $30 dress for a $50 jumper, instead of refunding the original $30, you can carry forward the customer’s initial $30 payment and process the additional $20 as an upsell payment.

Tipping for Shopify POS

It’s finally happening! Retailers can now enable tipping on Shopify POS. Merchants will receive access to the long-awaited feature between June-August this year.

Tipping for Shopify POS is a great way to build customer loyalty: it’s a super easy method for your customers to leave feedback and reward a positive interaction with your business.

Customer View for Shopify POS

Make the customer experience even better with Customer View for Shopify POS.

Available later this year, Customer View allows retailers to set up a secondary mobile or tablet device that faces the customer during the checkout process (having a customer-facing display is actually required by law in some US states). The screen ensures the customer has a clear view of their products, prices, tipping options and receipt options.

What’s so good about Customer View?

Not only does Customer View mean your shoppers will feel more in control of their retail experience, but it allows for more transparency during the checkout process, helping to eliminate any mistakes which might discredit your brand.

But that’s not all. You can also customise your Customer View app to reflect your branding, by using your brand logo and colours, or saving your social media channel info as your screensaver.

So, what now?

Here at Elkfox, we’re Shopify experts. We’ve been working with the platform for years and have helped countless businesses optimise their Shopify stores to increase sales and revenue.

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