New to Shopify Plus: Multi-Currency for Shopify Payments

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Grow Your Global Audience And Increase Conversions By Letting Customers Pay In Their Own Currency

Did you know: 92% of shoppers would prefer to make a purchase in their local currency, with 33% likely to abandon their purchase if the pricing is only available in USD.

So, what’s the solution?

Multi-currency for Shopify Payments

Shopify Plus merchants can now cater to a wider global audience with Multi-Currency for Shopify Payments! Make your customers happy by selling in their local currency. Starting off with Shopify Plus merchants who are using Shopify Payments, multi-currency will be available between September-December this year.

Which currencies are available?

Multi-currency will start by facilitating sales in the following currencies: AUD, EUR, JPY, SGD, USD, CAD, HKD, NZD & GBP.

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Experiment with growth & localise experiences

Shopify multi-currency will help to position your brand to offer a user-friendly international storefront and checkout process. If you happen to change your mind or see a new opportunity, that’s easily fixed - you can quickly and easily add or remove local currencies based on market fluctuations.

Built-in geolocation

Thanks to the built-in geolocation functionality, Shopify Payments will be able to automatically detect a customer’s location and show local prices based on current foreign exchange rates.

Grow globally by acting locally

Nowadays, giving your customers access to a multi-currency payment system is a necessity. If you need some tips on making your store more global-friendly, get in touch with us. We’re Shopify Plus experts with years of experience.