Order Notifications now available in MailChimp

Order Notifications now available in MailChimp

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The day has come folks. MailChimp have announced they're now offering the ability to send transactional notifications to customers directly through the platform.

This is huge news if you're using MailChimp in conjunction with Shopify. The new feature (available with all paid plans) will not only allow you to design and send multiple order notifications to your customers, but also incorporate product recommendations for that little extra marketing power after purchase.

These new notifications will of course connect with the MailChimp reporting feature to allow you to track customer engagement rates.

What templates are available?

Order Confirmation

The order confirmation template contains details of your customers order; including order number, products purchased, shipping costs and taxable amounts. This template will allow you to include product recommendations.

Shipping Confirmation

The Shipping Confirmation template is designed to notify your customers when their order has shipped. This template will allow you to include product recommendations.

Order Invoice

Similar to Order Confirmation, this template is recommended in situations where the customer requires confirmation of payment, for example; in cases where you offer a purchase order process. Product recommendations are available for this template.

Cancellation Confirmation

This is an automated email notifying your customers that their order has been successfully cancelled.

Refund Confirmation

This template is used to notify your customers that their refund is being processed. You can included information here to advise customers of when they can expect to receive funds.

How do I access the templates?

The new notifications can be accessed via the Automations page within your MailChimp account. Remember to disable your Shopify notifications if you're switching over to using these new MailChimp templates. Please be aware that it's only possible to turn off your Shopify order notification emails if you're using Shopify Plus, get in touch if you want more info :D

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