Shopify’s Got A New ‘Do

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The Shopify admin has a nifty new makeover, bringing some new features for both developers and merchants. They’ve called it Polaris, and it’s a new design that also has some pretty helpful navigation and business support features.

What You Can Expect From The New Shopify Design

Faster loading times and easier-to-read webpages

That’s because they’re starting to integrate all platforms of Shopify - including the Shopify dashboard, mobile app, hardware store and (soon) the Point of Sale app. By making platforms consistent, Shopify is shaving time off of how long it takes to load. You’ll also see the same icons and know how to navigate anything new.

Apps that work better together

Most Shopify store owners use a handful of Shopify Apps to help them out. There’s anything from SEO checks to shipping optimisers, data reporting and social media integrations on the app store.

With Polaris, Shopify is essentially making any new app developer use the new design. This means you’ll have an easier time navigating and using apps.

Know who’s working, where

Shopify’s taking this opportunity to improve the “Profiles” section, so as a business owner with multiple employees or multiple stores, you’ll have an easier time keeping track of who is doing what.

Find what you’re looking for

Shopify’s search through your store admin has been a bit clunky in the past. They’re working on improving it and making it front and center on your admin. This means you’ll spend less time digging through different tabs and subtabs, and more time doing actual business.

Developers get a helping hand, too

While sticking to someone else’s design guidelines is not always a favourite activity for developer partners, Polaris is intended to make everyone feel like they’re on the same team. It also does make it easier for designers to know what works and has been tested by Shopify merchants before the roll-out. Check out their guide to using Polaris as a developer.

On Wednesdays we wear pink

Shopify has been focusing on the mantra of “integrate” since forever. Whether it’s integrating your store easily with social media channels, printing out your shipping labels directly from your orders list or connecting your Shopify account with business email and other services, cohesion is important to help grow small businesses. This new design set is their next attempt at making it easier to run an ecommerce enterprise smoothly and shorten the learning curve for merchants. Now, apps will have to look like what you’re already familiar with, and every form of Shopify will look pretty much the same. Plus, hey, it’s got pretty colours.

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