Start selling on Twitter through Shopify!

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Late last year Shopify announced a new feature to allow Shopify store owners to sell directly through Twitter through a new Buy Now button. Currently offering this integration through both Facebook and Pinterest, Shopify is now the only eCommerce platform to allow merchants to utilise this function through all three social media networks.

You may have first noticed the Buy buttons being used by larger (enterprise level) Shopify stores but it’s now available for lower level accounts so there’s really no excuse not to take advantage of this feature, especially as the number of monthly active Twitters accounts is at a cool 307 million (as of late last year) rising steadily.

Although commonly mistaken, the great aspect about this feature is that the majority of the shopping experience is completed through Twitter itself. Once you’ve tweeted a product, customers can see the button, which if clicked on, will allow them to view the product info and enter both their payment and shipping info directly through the social network. Customers will then be directed to your Shopify store to view their order confirmation details, how simple is that!

You can view an example of how this works by clicking here.

The great thing about Twitter too of course is the ability to retweet. If you have customers viewing your products who then retweet, your outreach can multiply significantly.

So how do you add this to your Shopify store?

The Twitter Sales Channel is free to utilise on any level Shopify account. To set it us simply follow the steps listed below.

How to activate the Twitter sales channel on Shopify

  1. Select “Settings” within your Shopify admin then click “Sales Channels”
  2. Find Twitter within your Sales Channel list then select “add Channel”. After you’ve added this new Sales Channel Twitter will be featured within your Admin as a channel currently in use.
  3. You will then be required to connect your Twitter account by selecting the new Sales Channel through your Shopify admin. Once it’s open all you need to do is simply click “Account”, “Connect Account” then enter your Twitter log in details and Select “Authorise App”.

Don’t forget to review and accept the Terms otherwise the channel won’t be fully configured!

Keep in mind that Twitter will also need to approve your store before your products will be buyable through that platform :)

If you’re having trouble with these steps, click here to view the step by step instructions through the Shopify Manual or contact us for assistance.