Using Shopify Flow to Automate Your High Risk Order Reviews

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Shopify Plus lets you spend more time on your business development and less time ensuring your website functions the way your customers need it to.

Shopify Flow

The Plus only feature, Flow, is a condition based builder that allows you to set up automatic workflows using triggers, conditions and actions. These workflows can help to automate most manual tasks completed within your Shopify account.

As Flow is comprised of a multitude of different conditions, these buildable workflows are limited only to your imagination!

Use Flow to Automate your High Risk Order Review Process

All orders that come through to your Shopify account will automatically be assessed by Shopify’s risk analysis feature and flagged as either a Low, Medium or High Risk order. An order may be flagged as High Risk for something simple like if a customer’s shipping and billing address are in different countries.

Using Flow, you can create an automation to send a notification to your customer service team to review when you receive a high risk order. For all other orders flagged as low or medium risk, you can automatically capture payment.

Please note that you will need to set your orders to manually capture payments in order to utilise this Flow automation.

Step 1: Set up your automation to send a notification for high risk orders

1. Define a trigger to prompt a workflow to initiate

Navigate to the menu on the right to see all possible triggers, and select order risk analyzed.

2. Add a condition to define where you would like the automation to start

Navigate to the menu on the right to select the risk level condition.

Next, you will be asked to define the rule for your condition. For this workflow you will need to select is equal to, then select high from the available options.

3. Initiate an action when you receive a high risk order

Next, you will need to define an action for the then condition by selecting add action and navigating to the menu on the right to select an option.

For this workflow, we have opted to send an email when a high risk order has been received. You can input multiple comma separated email addresses to send this notification to more than one team member.

You can also select add template variable to send additional information to you about the order. For this workflow we have also opted to advise us whether the billing address matches the shipping address of the order.

Flow allows you to setup multiple actions at this stage. Within this workflow we have set a trigger to automatically tag the order with for review when we receive a high risk order.

Step 2: Allow for all other orders to capture payment automatically

For this step, you will need to define an action for all other orders

Move down to the what’s next? condition and select add condition. At this step you will create a rule for the opposite condition - this should be set to order risk level is not equal to high.

Next you will need to define the action for when you receive an order flagged as low or medium risk. Select add action and navigate to the menu on the right to select capture payment.

You’re all done! Save and name your workflow accordingly.

Unsure what to do in Flow?

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Require Assistance?

If you’re new to Flow or having trouble setting up a workflow, please feel free to contact our team! Elkfox are Shopify Plus Experts, and we're here to help every step of the way.