What is Green Hosting?

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We've talked about cloud-based and on-premises servers before, so you already know what kind of server capability your business needs. But have you thought about what kind of servers the planet needs?

In order to make the internet work, we need lots and lots of machines that host servers, often in large data centres. And those machines take space. And lots and lots of energy. As people demand more and more internet use, this is going to become a resource issue unless we develop in a conscious way. 

That's where "Green Web Hosting" comes in

What Exactly is Green Web Hosting?

As with anything that takes energy, we have a choice as to where our resources come from. Green web hosting means servers that use renewable energy and other mechanisms to reduce their environmental impact. 

We've introduced GreenHosts.com.au - a service that powers data centres with renewable energy such as wind and solar. The service also plants trees directly, and incorporates energy conservation using the most efficient technology available. 

GreenHosting also ensures that there is a safe equipment disposal plan so hazardous waste does not pollute the air or water. Green web hosts recycle as much old equipment as possible, and have strict policies about any waste disposal. 

Why Go Green?

Most web hosts are currently using generators that rely on fossil fuels. As the number of websites and corresponding demand for servers goes up worldwide, the demand for electricity does as well. If we don't set up the renewable energy infrastructure we need to replace carbon, we're threatening natural resources and contributing to environmental problems.

Elkfox offers green hosting as an alternative. Not only are you helping protect the environment, you can promote your company as truly environmentally conscious and green. 

We've made it accessible as well, with green hosting plans starting at just $5. 

What Now?

Choosing to host your website with a server that uses renewable energy, responsibly disposes of hazardous materials and plants trees is easier than ever. Elkfox can host your website in a way that helps protect the environment at affordable prices. Contact us if you need assistance or advice relating to Green Web Hosting, and we’d be more than happy to help!