What (or Who) is Kit?

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Robots Stole My Job

As much as the idea of iRobot or a ropocalypse is terrible, there are some pretty major developments in the way tech is influencing the capacity business owners have. We wanted to introduce you to one that's built for helping small businesses drive traffic to their website and save time and money while they're at it. 

Meet Kit:

Kit is a virtual employee

That means they're more than a marketing app - Kit is an artificial intelligent chatbot assistant who's on call 24/7 to improve your marketing through real time data driven marketing tools. 

For as little as $10 a month, you can hire Kit to be your assistant. Kit even comes with a really impressive resume, and does things like write targeted advertisements, find your audience with dynamic product ads, recommend a budget, post your facebook updates, market on insta, send personalised thank yous to customers and automate email marketing campaigns. 

This is pretty awesome, right?

Why Hire Kit?

Kit Is A Know-It-All

Kit knows how to write good ads, target them and find new audiences. Kit has the advantage of being electronic - taking much of the guesswork of marketing out.

Kit Is Proactive

The programme's motto is "just say yes". Instead of setting up Kit and forgetting about it, Kit will send you text messages asking you whether or not you think they should run x campaign, or start new ones. 

Kit's Got An Opinion

Besides just doing what you say, Kit will come up with suggestions on what to do next to drive traffic. 

You're Still In Control

Kit won't do anything major - like spend your money or post new text on advertisements - without you giving it explicit permission. 

What Can Kit Do?

Set Up Facebook Dynamic Ads to Retarget Visiting Customers

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads are a powerful way to get customers who have proven some sort of interest. They pop up for people who have visited your site previously, and encourage them to look at similar products. 

Create Facebook Ads…

For those that don't have time or are overwhelmed by the idea of creating Facebook ads (or who just want some validation), Kit is a genius. It makes it super easy to set up an ad and it does all the writing for you. Kit will start by asking you three simple questions. 

  1. Do you want to run an ad?

  2. What product do you want to promote?

  3. How much are you willing to spend?

Kit will show you a preview of the ad built based on the information received from your online store about your products and you can edit it if you want to before going live. 

..and Instagram ads that Deliver Sales

Promoting yourself on Instagram is a great way to showcase your visual products and get a market that's looking to buy. Kit does all the digging for you, and can set up targeted Instagram ads that reach new customers. 

Learn more about taking great photos for your Insta here.

Win Over Customers Who Abandoned Their Purchase at Checkout

The odious Cart Abandonment Woes. We've all been there and felt a bit helpless. Kit can track abandoned carts and engage with the almost-customers by sending personalised emails to them reminding them what was great about your store. Don't worry - Kit will request permission from you before sending an email through its Kit Karts skill app.

Generate Quick Reports to Provide Insights on Sales Performance

Being data-driven at its core, Kit helps you learn more about your business with insightful reports and statistics, including info on the success of each ad campaign, so you know what to do next.

Helps You Set And Meet Marketing Goals

With Kit’s Goals, the program helps you set achievable goals and make a plan to get there. Be it to get 100 likes on Facebook, or to get your 1000th sale, Kit helps you visualise and monitor your marketing success. 

What Next?

Kit was built because time, money, or a lack of experience should not hinder the growth of your business. Elkfox can help you make the most of your Shopify store. For more information, contact us today.

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