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zipPay is the latest and most convenient “buy now, pay later” (BNPL) option to hit the Australian e-commerce landscape, and it’s having a huge impact on sales figures. The “buy now pay later” model is taking the e-commerce world by storm, with companies such as PayPal investing in the model.

zipPay provides customers with interest free, digital accounts to use whenever they wish. Customers have complete control over their repayments and don’t need to put down any deposits, meaning they finally have more options for BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) transactions. zipPay are partnered with Shopify, so merchants can enjoy a smooth set up and integration of the “Buy Now Pay Later with zipPay” icon on product pages.

How does it work? What are the benefits?

More and more merchants are recognising the benefits of providing more payment options. Providing alternative ways to pay not only expands your reach, but also adheres to your customers’ needs. BNPL payment options have gained popularity amongst customers who value flexibility, especially when it comes to their finances. As a result, many e-commerce sites have boasted an increase in sales revenue once an option is fully integrated in their site. All digital retailers should recognise the importance of providing varied payment options to suit customers’ needs and thus increase sales revenue.

Those stores who have adopted zipPay have seen a surge in order values. One of the reasons zipPay has become so popular is because of their straightforward transaction process. zipPay take away the headache of chasing bills for you, instead they schedule and implement all timed payments with customers, and charge merchants a small fee for their service. Thankfully, most BNPL enterprises place huge value on providing excellent customer support services, so if you encounter any problems with your setup and maintenance, you can contact a member of the technical support team to receive assistance.

ZipPay Vs. ZipMoney

The two organisations are affiliated with one another and offer similar, interest-free BNPL options with a few minor differences.


zipPay is most comparable to AfterPay, and was designed for transactions that sit under the $1000 mark. Because these transactions are considered to be ‘smaller’, customers can enjoy flexibility and are given weekly/monthly options when preparing their instalments.


Alternatively, zipMoney was designed for those selling higher value products or services closer to the $10,000 mark. In this instance, customers’ pay-back fees are structured differently. Because of the nature of this transaction (worth considerably more money) zipMoney is only an option for businesses over 1 year old, with a revenue of at least $500,000 in the most recent financial year.

Merchants are able to select their interest-free period, which then relates to the fees zipMoney will charge. It’s all relative, so a merchant who integrates zipMoney with a 2 month interest free setup will be charged around a 3% fee, whereas merchants with a 6 month interest free payment will acquire a 5% fee. It’s a great add on for higher value services or products, and your business is protected by zipMoney who carefully regulate and run credit checks on customers before they are able to participate.

Other options

If you’re investigating new payment options for your online store and would like some more information on the benefits of integrating instalment plans and lines of credit into your e-commerce store, click here. For more information on zipPay and how it compares to other BNPL services, you can check out our article on customer payment plan options.

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