Client Terms of Service

Below is a brief version of our terms for client services. Please contact us for full documentation.

The following terms and conditions must be adhered to if you choose to enter into a working arrangement with Elkfox. Please be aware that failure to abide by these terms may result in termination of your project.

Elkfox reserves the right to use screenshots of any media related work, commissioned by the client, for promotional advertising within selected social media sites, design portfolios and other media.

By default, an Elkfox credit link will appear on any site designed by us. If you would like for it to be removed please contact us and we will discuss the options involved for removal of this link. By accepting our terms, you agree that this link will remain in place and will not be removed without approval.

Any sensitive or personal information supplied to Elkfox will be considered confidential.


Resident of countries other than Australia will be billed in USD.

Payments are made online using secure payment gateways.

A face-to-face consultation (proceeding any initial consultation) with an Elkfox team member may incur a first time fee of $50. If you would prefer not to incur this cost we can arrange a ‘Skype’ or ‘Google Hangouts’ session. Any further consultations or training sessions will be charged at a standard hourly rate.

It is your responsibility to purchase any brand related assets to be made available to Elkfox prior to commencing your project, these may include fonts and domain names. If you would like Elkfox to license these assets for you and arrange for their availability, please let us know. In the event that Elkfox is designing your branding, we will inform you of any purchases you will need to make.

Projects to a value under $400 AUD must be paid in full prior to commencing work. Projects over that value require a 50% deposit before work will commence. Upon completion, you will receive an invoice for the further 50% balance payment, payable before site handover. Deposit’s are non-refundable. In certain situations a complete or partial refund may be made available at our discretion.

Payment must be received within the specified terms or a 5% fee is applicable per each 7 day period the invoice remains unpaid.

Site handover will be facilitated within 5 working days after receiving the final balance payment. Elkfox reserves the right to withhold handover of an account if the final balance has not been received.

Quote & Estimates

Official project quotes and estimates are valid for a period of 2 weeks from the date of creation, unless otherwise specified.

We reserve the right to modify or cancel any official quotes or estimates provided by Elkfox.

Project timelines are an estimate only. We cannot guarantee completion of the work on a specific date as our schedule is everchanging due to the fluid nature of technology development.

Please note that If you are unable to submit any required site content to Elkfox by the projected commencement date this will result in delays to our schedule and it may become necessary to reschedule the project.

Please be aware that it is your responsibility to proof check all content provided to us for the purpose of creating a site. Elkfox will not be liable for any errors. This is especially important if you are migrating your current site from one platform to another.

Inputing product data and product images are not included within official Elkfox quotes or estimates unless at our discretion or arranged at an additional cost.


Please note that it is your responsibility to install any appropriate applications that you wish to use within the Shopify platform, unless otherwise discussed.


Following the completing of a site, please provide a detailed list of any further changes that you wish to be made. One round of changes only are included within the project scope. If you require us to make any significant changes or we feel that they were not included within the original quote we will provide you with details for the additional cost. We may also choose to implement them into a ‘Phase 2’ project.

Preceding handover of materials or assets (digital or otherwise), any further changes will be charged at a standard hourly rate.


If under any situation it becomes necessary to discontinue your project, you must promptly finalise payments for any work that has been completed. Elkfox reserves the right to withhold handover of any materials until all payments are received.

If you subsequently decide not to use materials (digital or otherwise) created for your project by Elkfox, the Balance payment must be paid in full. In the case of financial hardship, you must contact us to discuss payment options.

If you choose to cancel your contract with Elkfox after your deposit has been paid, we will refund your deposit minus any amount at our sole discretion, but at a minimum of 25%.

If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact us.