38 Quick Article Ideas for People Who Don’t Want to Blog

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We covered some of the big reasons why you should be blogging in our blog post about blogs (#meta). For example, that blogs up your SEO ante a TON. They also help build credibility, let you build a better relationship with your customers, and build your brand (and for some of us they’re even fun to write).

But hey, I know it can be hard. Here’s a list of 38 quick topics to get you through those mental blocks when you’re staring at the bottom of an empty coffee cup and have written three words. I’ve been there...many times.

  1. Make a listicle (like this one!) of X things you need to know about Y
  2. Scan news headlines for the day and write a comment on one from your company’s perspective
  3. Get on Digg, search for your industry, and choose a photo or article that’s relevant to share. Add a few sentences about why you like it. 
  4. Your day in photos from the field or office, with captions that give them context
  5. Your biggest challenge at the moment
  6. How you got started as a company
  7. Feature a cool employee and the projects they’re working on
  8. Your favourite TV show and how your product could fit in 
  9. An inspiring person in your field, even if you’ve never met them
  10. Top five things you’re reading in your industry this week
  11. A new tool, extension or app that’s helped your business out
  12. A checklist for customers using your products
  13. An in-depth look at one of your products
  14. An event you went to, like a conference or product launch
  15. Your most frequently asked questions
  16. Business aspirations or goals 
  17. Something you’ve learned since you started your business
  18. If you were going to explain your business to someone in a completely different industry, who was also about 10 years old, how would you frame it?
  19. Make an infographic (a free site to make an infographic on is piktochart)
  20. Make a parody of something commonly frustrating in your industry (check out these videos for inspiration)
  21. Lessons for your industry that you learned from a movie or TV show
  22. Myth vs. Fact posts
  23. Predictions you might have for the future of your industry
  24. Tips for using your products in creative ways or ways related to upcoming holidays
  25. What you wish you’d known before going into this industry
  26. How your industry fits into a different one
  27. How changes to laws might affect you and your business
  28. Curation posts - top five or ten of other people’s blogs or sites, or even a YouTube or Spotify playlist
  29. Ask a question on Reddit and comment on the responses in a blog post
  30. Create a glossary of industry terms that someone new would find useful
  31. Update old content that is outdated
  32. Create a quiz for your readers and see what results you get, then follow up with a post about it
  33. Beginner guides and in-depth guides
  34. A history lesson or some fun facts about an invention you use today
  35. A funny story about something that happened in the office or at an industry event
  36. Gift ideas
  37. Host a giveaway/contest
  38. Work-life balance or What Your Side Hustle Is

Remember, blog posts don’t have to be long or stuffy! Write something that you’d want to read, and someone else will too.

Want more inspiration? Check out this list from Shopify or go to Stumbleupon until you find something interesting you can bring your own take to.

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