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There’s a new Shopify integration on our radar: Google Pay.

Google Pay has been designed to give your Android customers a frictionless experience at checkout. Google Pay has a mobile-first design with the user’s best interests at heart. Mobile commerce is constantly on the rise, so it's essential that e-commerce merchants allow for a smooth, fast wireless transaction process. In fact, it’s predicted that over 70% of online store traffic on Shopify is completed on a mobile device. Google Pay gives customers instant access to payment and shipping details that they’ve stored on Google Account, making the whole transaction process a hell of a lot smoother: a massive bonus for all you e-commerce merchants!

Shopify’s latest integration

Android users who are already using their Google Accounts to shop online can now complete a purchase in just a few clicks. By integrating Google Pay, Shopify merchants are ironing out the final creases in their customer journey, making it really smooth. In addition, the integration of Google Pay could potentially lead to a decrease in abandoned carts. The easier the transactional journey, the better. Organisations that have streamlined the process have seen what a positive effect it’s had on conversion rates.

Shopify’s integration of Google Pay in March this year has already accelerated hundreds of thousands of transactions this month. With a single click in their settings, Shopify merchants can enable Google Pay and handover a more seamless experience to customers than ever before. If a customer stores their credit or debit card details on Chrome, they will be invited to complete their purchase via Google Pay.

What does Google Pay offer its users?

A variety of payment methods

Customers are able to add as many cards (credit and debit) as they like, from numerous international providers, allowing users to quickly allocate their spending and complete their purchase.

Loyalty and rewards

Google Pay allows customers to store loyalty cards and gift cards, so that they can receive rewards and build loyalty with their favourite brands whilst shopping online. Based on their loyalty cards, users will receive exclusive offers, and they’ll even be notified when entering a shop in which they could collect points.

Paying in apps

Google Pay allows users to complete their purchases in hundreds of different apps without the need to fetch their card and manually enter their details. It’s never been so easy to book a ticket, order takeaway or pay for a new clothing item.

City dwellers can travel seamlessly

You can sync Google Pay with your public transport card so you’ll never be stuck without your travel card again.

In store magic

No more rifling through bags and pockets with your hands full. We’re more likely to have our phones on hand, so Google Pay have enabled a mindless way to checkout from your phone: in-store using the card reader.


Google protects your financial information with one of the most advanced, multi faceted security systems, so fear not - all your account details are safe.

How to integrate Google Pay with Shopify

Android users can integrate Google Pay into their Shopify store by entering their settings and ticking the little checkbox next to 'Google Pay', under 'Accelerated Checkouts'.

Not an Android user? Consider Apple Pay

Google Pay’s predecessor, Apple Pay, is one of the most popular electronic wallet options for Apple customers. There are a hell of a lot of Apple users, too: anyone with the latest version of iOS on an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or their Mac can complete a purchase as long as they’re signed into iCloud. Apple have nailed in-store usage of the service too, so customers can use their mobile devices to complete their purchase at a store’s card reader. Apple have also invested in extensive security measures, to ensure users are secure when shopping. Their authentication requires Face ID, Touch ID or a passcode, as per the customer’s preferences. In addition, Apple customers can block payment capacities in a few taps if they can’t find the phone, or it’s been stolen. Apple Pay has put a lot of preventative measures into their data control and protection. For example, if a customer buys something online, the business only receives data that you’ve authorised to be disclosed, and you’re able to access privacy policies on apps using Apple Pay.

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