The Gamechanger: Shopify’s New Email Feature

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Developments in eCommerce SaaS all point to streamlining, automating and improved analytics. And Shopify Email is set to deliver on all of these improvements!

Shopify Email allows you to create, run and track email marketing campaigns directly inside Shopify Marketing. Email achieves the highest ROI in online marketing, even though it’s the grandfather of social media. The fact that Shopify in 2019 is providing a full suite of services to manage your email marketing within their platform proves it’s not going anywhere.

What Shopify Email means for your online store

There are three essential ingredients to this new Shopify app – design, segmentation, and analytics. We’ll be diving into the quality of these services below.

But first, it’s important to mention that Shopify Email lets you use your own domain name. This is crucial for brand recognition and prevents your mail from getting thrown into the spam folder.

Shopify Email

Design and Layout of Shopify Email

A stand-out design isn’t really an option in ecommerce but a necessity. The good news is automated software packages, or even just an online branding generator site can do this for you in seconds.

So, how does this relate to Shopify Email? Well, as good as automated design can be the thing that most companies struggle with is keeping it consistent across the brand’s platforms. Shopify Email pulls your branding colours and logo from your store to save time.

Shopify Email Templates

Although we love choice – sometimes especially when choosing email templates, it can be tricky to find the perfect fit, like trying to decide what to watch on Netflix after a stressful day’s work. You’re likely to spend more time on a process that’s supposed to do exactly the opposite.

Shopify Email templates

Shopify Email organises their templates by function. So whether you’re looking for a newsletter, promotion or product launch, it’s easy to pick one out. And if you want to tweak it, the templates are also fully customisable. Your design also saves automatically as you go along, so the panic stations don’t set off if your laptop crashes.

Shopify Email segmentation and send off

Segmentation is a beautiful word for those of us in the ecommerce industry. Import your contacts to Shopify Email and segment your audience. Getting the most out of your contacts is crucial, email is the go-to medium to reach them.

Shopify Email segmentation

So you’ve got your branded design with a beautiful template and a fine-tuned recipient list – now it’s time for the final few steps. First off, you can preview your email and see exactly how it’s going to look when it lands into your lead’s inbox. You can also autopilot the send time so you can batch make your emails and go about your life letting them send automatically.

Shopify Email Analytics

As we’ve seen with Shopify rolling out Shopify Chat and plenty other features these past few months, they’re committed to creating an all-in-one service, not just a hosting site for ecommerce merchants.

A robust email service doesn’t work without analytics. Brick and mortar stores have the benefit of talking directly to their customers, who aren’t able to just throw the “what do you think of the new collection?” query into their email’s trash. Without feedback for how a campaign performs, you’re not able to adapt to your customer’s preferences.

Shopify Email analytics

As you can see, you’re getting all the data you need in the Shopify Email dashboard. The results allow you to tweak future campaigns to thrive and engage your audience. You want your email to be a joy, not a nuisance to your customer. Although this is the aim of all online stores when touching base with their contacts, it takes both skill and experience to achieve.

How to install Shopify Email

Shopify Email will be released to all Shopify merchants in early 2020. Before then you can apply for early access via the link here.

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