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It’s finally happened. Shopify has launched its first real-time chat feature – Shopify Chat. As always, we’re going to dive into what this means for your online business and at the end, we’ve got an alternative for those really wanting to ramp up their customer service.

What is Shopify Chat?

In a nutshell, this free iOS-only communications app offers website visitors a seamless way of instantly reaching out and connecting with store owners. The chat button is right there on every site page for customers to access meaning they can easily pop a question over to you as they browse your products.

Shopify Chat

What are the nifty features of Shopify Chat?

Having a site-wide live chat isn’t just quick and convenient. It also gives you the opportunity to convey your brand story. This is your chance to make your brand pop with those all-important friendly interactions that build customer loyalty.

We often think of supporting our customers before they buy, but there’s been a massive shift in eCommerce buying culture. Consumers have more choice than they know what to do with these days – this is why customer support now begins before the customer checks out their cart. A handy tool for customers to connect with you is always a big deal for any ecommerce business.

Think product recommendations fresh from the chat feature – which can make shopping easier for site visitors and also increase your average order value. Or how about automating chat invites so you can make the first move and connect with site visitors. And the fact can send products, discounts, and new orders inside your conversation gives you the tools to personalise your customer’s experience. These elements are essential in overcoming the obstacle that more than 50 per cent of online buyers abandon their shopping cart if they can’t find a quick answer to a question.

Shopify Chat

Having an FAQ section can only get you so far before it becomes cluttered. Finding answers to queries shouldn’t feel like an elaborate treasure hunt. And customers with unanswered, individual queries aren’t going to hang around long before finding an alternative online store.

Shopify chat provides a key element for an eCommerce business to thrive: the knowledge of your customers’ intent. We get that it can be all too easy to get caught up with bounce rates, conversions and lead generating analytics. And with a live chat app, you’re going to get some pretty vital insights that will enhance your business strategy. This is a game-changer and allows you to definitively know your customer intent.

With all these online interactions, you can start collecting qualitative data on what exactly your customers are looking for – and it might be very different from what you’re currently offering. Since the rise of live chats, even large scale companies have been surprised that they’ve been targeting the wrong audience or missed obvious avenues for potential growth. Having a live chat app cuts out any guesswork involving your buyer’s motivations.

So there are plenty of reasons why this live chat app is going to make a real difference to your business.

However, Shopify isn’t the only one providing chat features for their customers and if you’re looking for something a bit more powerful, we’ve got the fully integrated app for you!

What do you need to know about Shopify Chat?

This new kid on the block is currently only useable on iOS devices – which is supported by iPad and iPhone devices only. It’s also good to note that Live Chat App can be folded into your Shopify Ping, a cross-channel customer messenger manager. Don’t worry though, we’ve got a powerhouse of an app to recommend below that we’d argue is a game-changer if you’re looking to become a truly customer-focused eCommerce brand.

Need a more versatile communication platform? We recommend Gorgias

The Shopify Live Chat app offers a very particular role on your site. Gorgias is for ecommerce businesses looking for a platform that can handle your entire communications across platforms and with some serious analytics then Georgias is something you’ve got to check out.

Here’s where to go if you want a fully-fledged review and tips on how to get the most out of Georgias. But here’s the skinny – it’s an all-in-one so your live chat, social media channels and emails are all managed in one place all while increasing customer satisfaction. Automation features such as chat campaigns and smart autoresponders cut down on time doing back-office chores so your resources can be channelled better into growing your business.

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