Use Gorgias to Enhance Customer Service Through Your Shopify Store

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Customer service is a tipping point for eCommerce merchants. It’s the axis upon which success and failure tilt.

Online stores bridge loyalty when their customers feel that their queries are addressed in line, or ideally above, their expectations. However, as an online store grows, time gets snatched up by other operations and processes. You may find that you no longer have the resources to provide personalised messages to each customer.

Sending generic emails is an obvious solution. But although you may be replying to your customer within an acceptable timeframe, it’s not the individualised experience that you want for your customers.

This conundrum is where all-in-one automated helpdesks have stepped up their game.

Businesses now have the opportunity to capture leads with high-quality, personalised customer support. These software packages drive all your customer communication channels back to a single platform. Now, you can seamlessly manage customer queries, complaints, email and social media comments all from one place!

Why is customer service so important?

52% of customers are likely to switch brands if they don’t receive personalised communications. Online businesses cannot delegate all of their time and resources to provide this experience. It wouldn’t be feasible. Instead, they’ve got to use technology, automation and artificial intelligence to help achieve a stellar customer experience.

Also, think of customer service as a chance to show your personality to your customers. Be quirky, stand out, have a laugh with your store’s community. If your brand image is light and playful then you want to continue this tone in your customer service. Your high level of support and unique tone will get your customer recommending your store to friends.

Why Gorgias?

Gorgias isn’t your average support platform, it’s an all-in-one customer support and live-chat helpdesk specifically developed with Shopify merchants in mind. This platform integrates deeply with Shopify and complimentary apps to edit/refund orders, cancel subscriptions and award loyalty points in a few clicks. All this without having to leave your desk!

Whether it’s your website, email address, or social media page, 75% of customers also expect help from whatever platform they choose to approach you. This would not be feasible without a robust customer service core to take charge and delegate issues and concerns.

Gorgias’ competitors are fairly basic in terms of their automation capabilities. Automation is essential to cutting down on repetitive tasks, which is why we recommend Gorgias to our clients.

Manage all your support channels in one place

Gorgias is the mothership for all your current support channels. Dealing with live chats, social media channels and email all from the same place cuts your support time in half. And if you have more than one Shopify store, you can manage these together as well.

View order history when chatting with customers

Gorgias provides a full picture of each customer’s scenario. This panoramic insight enables you to offer the most useful responses and ease any concerns they may have.

With control over your store’s customer service, shipping, orders, refunds, order edits, gift cards you can streamline your customer support by creating automated templates and there's set autoresponder rules to create personalised, accurate responses that provides value to your customers.

Get chummy with your customers with a live chat function


Gorgias also comes decked out with live chat so you can respond instantly to your customers. Adding a live chat function to your store is essential for Shopify stores. Instant responses generate leads, overcome objections and collects invaluable customer behaviour data.

Site visitors will be able to receive immediate responses to their questions. This instant and reactive engagement frees up your customer agents so they can have fewer, yet more impactful conversations with your customers. Your team will have full access to each customer’s cart and order history right next to their conversation page.

If you walk away from this article with nothing else, let it be this: use your new live-chat tool as a sales channel.

It is the perfect place to upsell and cross-sell. Stores with excellent support put their loyal customers in a good mood! So make the most of it and use product recommendations to boost sales!

Connect all your Shopify apps with Gorgias

Merchants usually have to switch between a whole bunch of apps to respond to their customers. Gorgias pulls all the information together to create rich customer profiles that your entire team can access.

There’s a heap of useful elements that your team can utilise from there, whether it’s displaying loyalty points from your rewards program and even statuses from fulfilments apps such as Shiphero and Shipstation.

A nifty feature is also the automatic response function. With this, you can answer FAQs, such as “where is my order?” or “how do I enter a promo code?”.

By chatting with customers in real-time while they’re browsing your store, you can address any doubts they have about simple topics such as shipping. Promote follow-throughs to check out while your customers are still engaged with your brand.

The competition for attention online means that your window for closing a sale is extremely short. It's why live chats have such a major impact on your conversion rates. Store’s experience a 10x decrease in the odds of making contact with a lead after only five minutes without a response.

Gorgias features exclusive to Shopify Plus

Having Gorgias working alongside your Shopify Plus account can actually be a lot of fun. You can create gift cards, discount codes and even private apps! These features stretch beyond customer support. You can use these add-ons to give your customers a reason to come back and spread the word about your epic customer experience.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated ticketing system, then this is it. Assign tags to tickets so you can sort them by custom views. You’ll also have no problem assigning tickets to agents and avoiding duplicate responses to customers.

Interested in integrating Gorgias?

If you like what you’re hearing then give us a shout. We’ve got the expertise to develop an efficient, sales-boosting customer support system using Gorgias on your Shopify store.