Bootcamp Part Four: Wrapping it up

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This is the final segment of a free 20-video course on getting your first sale using Facebook video marketing. Part one guided us through the core of online marketing and setting up your website. Part two was about videos and the special sauce that the most compelling ones have. Part three was a step-by-step for setting up a Facebook ad campaign. This part goes over how to scale up after you’ve started.

VIDEO: Moving forward past your first sale


This video is focused on how to take what you’ve just learned to the next step. Ezra’s big takeaway here is that consistency and repetition are essential for building a brand, and that building your brand is so closely linked with your online marketing campaigns.

After you’ve built the skills with Facebook ad campaigns, you should look into expanding into other types of ads such as:

  • Remarketing, or setting up ads for people who visited your site but didn’t buy anything
  • Advertisements for people who viewed your videos but didn’t make it to your site
  • Dynamic product ads which market different products based on particular interests

He also leaves us with a few good resources to learn more about marketing and advertising, including:

The Shopify Blog
His website SmartMarketer
The Social Media Examiner
A site called Practical eCommerce
And of course, keep following the Elkfox Blog to find more marketing and eCommerce advice.

VIDEO: Ezra says goodbye


This outtro is a bit of encouragement and inspiration to show up every day, put the work in, and see results. He reiterates that you need to get your product offer pages top notch, make a good video, set up targeted ads, and get those people over to your offer pages. That’s the loop we’re working toward. Get going, and good luck!

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You’re on part four of a video course. If you’ve somehow skipped the other parts, be sure to check them out!

Part One: Introductions, an overview of online marketing, getting your baseline and setting up an optimal product offer page

Part Two: Learning about video campaigns and making a video that works for you

Part Three: The down and dirty of Facebook ads, including practical videos where you follow along using your own target market

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