Free “Get Your First Sale” Bootcamp Course from Marketing Guru Ezra Firestone

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Starting a business is the fun part - getting inspiration, putting together an online store, getting suppliers, developing a product you love and letting your mind wander to all of the possibilities that can happen when your store takes off.

But as we all know, the idea you’ve got for your business only goes so far as your marketing takes it. Without understanding how to tap into your audience, what advertisements are the most effective and what strategies you need to implement, your business won’t drive the traffic you need to stay afloat.

If getting your first sale seems daunting, or scaling up your advertisements seems like a hurdle, this one’s for you. We’ve got our hands on a free video course from Ezra Firestone, a Shopify business owner with three 6 and 7-figure businesses under his belt.

This free online 20-part video course is made especially for new entrepreneurs on Shopify who are setting up their first paid ad campaign with Facebook. He goes over some of the basics of marketing, outlines the funnel you’re aiming for, and then has practical demonstration videos about how to actually set up a campaign that works.

Let’s break it down

We’ve arranged this course in a few chunks:

Part One: Introductions, an overview of online marketing, getting your baseline and setting up an optimal product offer page (7 videos)

Part Two: Learning about video campaigns and making a video that works for you (2 videos)

Part Three: The down and dirty of Facebook ads, including practical videos where you follow along using your own target market (8 videos)

Part Four: Conclusions and what’s next for you (2 videos)

We recommend watching the whole thing! His videos are short, practical and tailored to Shopify merchants who are interested in learning about effective Facebook marketing.

Here’s a welcome video, and what you can expect to get out of Bootcamp


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