Bootcamp Part Two: Video Advertisements

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This is part of a free 20-video course that is aimed at helping you get your first sale, taught by marketing master Ezra Firestone. This short segment helps you understand more about the importance of video marketing and what you should be including in your video. Ezra then gives specific examples of videos that work well and why.

VIDEO: Video best practices for online marketing


Ezra goes over what your audience is looking for in a product video - whether it’s telling a story, seeing people in real life using your products, or demonstrating the ownership benefit.

He explains why video marketing is so important, and the numbers are hard to argue with. 64% of all internet traffic globally is to videos. More importantly, a full half of all videos are used by consumers to help them decide whether to buy or not. Shoppers who viewed a product video are 74% more likely to purchase.

One recommendation he makes is going to Kickstarter for video inspiration. The entrepreneurs there have high standards of videos that tell a story and demonstrate the ownership benefit for users.

VIDEO: Video ad reviews in real life


This segment breaks down specific advertisement videos that are on Facebook, pointing out the details you might miss with an untrained eye. You’ll learn to notice the timing of a video, the copy on it, the call to action and the purpose.

What’s the point of video?

Ezra’s big takeaway is that videos are super important in making sales, and that they’re becoming more and more popular as an advertising tool. The next segment about facebook ads essentially is based around using a product video as a basis for an ad. Once you’ve got a good product video or two, you can have more effective ad campaigns using facebook or other sales channels.

That’s the end of Bootcamp Part Two - be sure to check out the other segments!

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