MailChimp 101: Intro To MailChimp Reports

MailChimp 101: Intro To MailChimp Reports

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There are few things more valuable than data in the world of E-commerce when running an online business. Through data or analytics, you are able to gain important insight into the habits of your audiences and measure the success of your current marketing practices.  MailChimp reports show you how well you’re connecting with your audience, how much money you’re bringing in, the top audience location, with the ability to check in from anywhere with their mobile dashboard. Besides that, they also deliver targeted tips for improvement based on how you’re doing to help you dig deeper and make the best out of your online store. 

View Your Reports

To view your MailChimp campaign reports, just log in to MailChimp and click Reports on the lefthand navigation. You’ll see a list of campaigns you’ve sent. Click on the name of a campaign to see its report, and it’ll take you to your Report Overview, together with your Top Locations.

Reporting Information


The Report Overview provides a brief summarised look at how a campaign is performing: from who received the campaign, when they opened it and what links they clicked, to how many successful deliveries were made, it gives a quick information breakdown. 


The Activity menu lets you explore further into campaign results. Select one of the activity menu options to view, or export a particular segment of recipients that interacted with your campaign in a specific way, such as having been opened, click performance, bounced, and more. 


The Link tabs shows you how each tracked URL performed in the campaign. From your campaign, you would be able to find a list of the tracked URLs and the number of total and unique clicks for each link. 


The Social tab reveals who liked your campaign on Facebook, a list of the top influencers and referrers for the campaign, and a map of clicks from all over the world. 

Quick Tip: Before we can add Facebook stats to your campaign reports, you will need to integrate your account with Facebook. 

E-commerce reports

The E-commerce tab provides a breakdown of each and every subscriber’s purchases, so you are able to quickly identify which customers make a purchase and what they buy after they open your campaign. If your campaign includes products from multiple connected stores, you can choose to filter the purchase data by each store. 


The Conversations tab shows replies to your campaign when conversation tracking is enabled. Conversation tracking offers more flexibility than a standard reply-to email address, as it also allows other account users to receive email notifications when a subscriber replies to your campaign.

What Can These Reports Do

Track Your Performance

Unlike traditional direct marketing, email marketing now allows you to track the number of people who opened your email campaigns and see exactly what they clicked on your website. Watching your statistics can be a bit of a thrill and reports give you a lot of valuable information to help you improve on your online campaigns. Going forward, it ultimately helps to measure what works and what doesn’t. With MailChimp, you are able to review your individual reports after every action you take; from sending an email, to monitoring your audience growth, directly from your Shopify account dashboard.

Interactive Graphs

MailChimp’s interactive graphs shows you the number of emails delivered, to the percentage clicked, and more. With this, you are now able to view your growth over time, and see where most of your subscribers are located by tracking engagement by countries. Besides that, with MailChimp’s email click-map overlay, find out what attracts people to your site; be it the images or the text links. Learn from the customer’s habits, so you can up your user experience game and give your customers the best. 

Monitor Trends

Find out which email addresses were bounced (and why). MailChimp would automatically determine whether or not to try again, or to remove them from the list. You can also find out who unsubscribed, allowing you to keep track of those email addresses so you don’t accidentally add them back to the list later on. This features allows you to compare other MailChimp users in your industry, gauging relative effectiveness with your other competitors. 

Subscriber Activity Reports

With Subscriber Activity Reports, dig even deeper into a real-time report for every subscriber’s email actives: when they open, what they clicked, and who came back for more. You can also generate a list of people who didn't open the email, and send them a modified campaign. 

Revenue Reports

Online retailers can track the amount of sales from a click in your campaign, all the way to purchase. Find our which customers make a purchase and what they bought after opening your campaign. MailChimp’s Analytics360 module allows you to read your statistics, analyse ROI, and revenue created all in one place. 

Opens by Location

See where your customers are located over the world, and track engagement by country. This allows you to adjust your content accordingly, making sure that everything is catered specifically to where your customers are located at. 

Email Domain Preferences

Find out how your campaigns are performing with particular domains, so you can see which ISPs your subscribers are often using, and troubleshoot if you’re getting blocked. 

Advanced Reports

In addition to the free reports, MailChimp also offers advanced reports, integrations, and plugins that can help you learn even more about how your campaigns are performing and who’s reading them.

What Now?

If you have any additional questions about MailChimp Reports or analytics that aren’t addressed here, feel free to contact us today, or check out Mailchimp’s super cool annual report here.

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