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Sometimes, a website can be too complex for people to follow a simple call to action. There are so many ways to get distracted that it can be hard to direct your visitors to one specific place.

The solution? Landing pages. A landing page is one that is separate from your main domain, that has been designed with a specific goal in mind. Your landing page has no navigation that ties back to your store’s website, to avoid visitors getting lost and missing the call to action.

Landing pages make it easier to sell specific products and grow your email list, and MailChimp has picked up on that. The new MailChimp Landing Page Creator offers marketers and ecommerce businesses the opportunity to create compelling landing pages free of charge.

What are MailChimp Landing Pages?

The MailChimp Landing Page Creator lets you plan, design and track landing pages. It helps users to make their marketing efforts more focused and targeted, drive conversions and promote email sign-ups.

The landing pages that you can design with MailChimp are automatically optimised for mobile, and you can easily customise the design and layout of each landing page. The intuitive drag-and-drop editor allows you to create beautiful landing pages yourself, meaning you won’t need to ask expensive designers or developers for help.

Features of MailChimp’s Landing Page Creator

If you have used MailChimp for your email marketing efforts before and are accustomed to their drag-and-drop workflow, the new MailChimp Landing Page Creator should be a walk in the park.

And if you haven’t used MailChimp before, you will find their intuitive design and workflow easy to navigate. You can add striking hero images and engaging copy in fonts that match your branding. It is their goal to make marketing easy for everybody, so you’ll be a landing page wizard in no time.

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Two Templates to Catch Them All

The Landing Page Creator was developed with two marketing goals in mind: selling more products, and growing your email lists. The first step involved in creating a compelling landing page is choosing one of these goals, and selecting a template accordingly.

Template #1: Sell More Products

You should use this template if you want to achieve one of the following:

  • Announce the release of a new product, or offer access to an exclusive pre-sale
  • Promote your latest collection, or specific products you want your visitors to know more about
  • Offer your visitors special offers for the holiday season.

Templates of this kind focus on a single, direct call to action. It helps you to nurture new contacts, tell visitors more about your products, and eventually convert those visitors into customers. Sales-based landing pages block out the clutter (i.e. links to other products, recommendations, cross-selling initiatives, up-selling efforts), so visitors are drawn to and can focus on the one product or service.

Template #2: Grow Your Lists

Want to start growing your email list before pushing sales? Choose the second template and incentivise more visitors to hand over their email addresses, so that you can build rapport and capture their loyalty through effective email marketing. Use this template if you want to:

  • Run a giveaway or contest and convert social media followers into email subscribers
  • Reward a lucky few with a gift from your store in a sweepstake
  • Make use of a powerful lead magnet (i.e. free download) to get more people to sign up to your email list.

Growing your email list will become a lot easier if you create specific landing pages with this goal in mind. A single call to action focusing on email sign-ups will make visitors more likely to sign up. Having a separate landing page means that you are asking for sign-ups on a separate site to your store, which makes the process less sales-y. You can also better communicate the benefits of receiving newsletters and emails.

As a special feature, MailChimp offers a specific signup from content block, that lets you customise follow-up messages after subscribers have successfully joined your list. Landing pages therefore seamlessly integrate with MailChimp’s email marketing offers, so that you can successfully combine and streamline your marketing efforts in one place.

One Tool To Track Them All

MailChimp’s Landing Page Creator lets you create as many landing pages as you want, free of charge. This means that you can test out different designs and layouts for your landing page and test out which one works.

MailChimp also offers tracking tools so that you can monitor your different page landing designs. These are similar to the ones you will have used for email marketing through MailChimp. Their reporting tools tell you how many visitors your landing page attracts, how many click throughs a landing page creates, and how many visitors convert to customers.

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