New Feature: Shopping on Instagram

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Shopping on Instagram changes the previous ‘Buy Button’ feature into an actual sales channel

Sales Channels are all the places you sell - on your online store, through Facebook, in a retail store, through other companies that you partner with; and now through Instagram.

Previously, merchants could use the Buy Button feature to create shoppable posts. In other words, you could connect your post with one product, and when someone clicked on your post they could purchase that one item or be redirected to your store.

Now, you’re connecting your full catalogue with Instagram, so when ‘grammers visit your page they’ll be able to see and buy your collection without having to leave the app.

It’s not a huge change to the Buy Button capabilities, but can make it easier to expand your sales coming from Instagram.

As one of the most popular social platforms for industries like fashion, health and fitness, jewellery and homeware, Instagram has 500 million daily active users and has climbed the ranks in terms of online sales. It’s owned by Facebook, which makes it easy to gather data and advertise to your target audience across platforms.

Update: Instagram shopping is now available internationally in 44 countries! Read more here.

How does Shopping on Instagram work?

You can open up the new sales channel for your store by editing your Sales Channels straight from your Shopify Admin. You’ll need to connect your Facebook for Business account with Shopify and upload your product catalogue through the Facebook channel.

Because they’re owned by the same company, the Instagram sales channel uses the catalogue you’ve synced with the Facebook sales channel. You’ll then need to set up an Instagram Business Account.

Once you’ve got your sales channel and account set up behind the scenes, you can start tagging your Insta posts with your products. You’ll be able to do this straight through the app.

Your audience on Instagram will see your product posts and be able to make purchases and see your store without leaving the app. You’ll also be able to track how many sales and which products are doing best from the new Channel using Shopify reports.

What’s next?

The new sales channel is adding to Shopify’s overall goal of reaching shoppers on mobile. As a Shopify merchant, expanding sales channels into social media and other sites can grow your audience and target more effectively.

Working across channels can help you grow your business, and Shopify minimises the amount of effort and logistics needed to juggle multiple channels. But if you’re expanding channels, you still have to consider strategies to manage customer service across channels.

Instagram in particular is a channel that’s already being used heavily in marketing strategies. Learn how to make the most of the Instagram Stories feature, creating ads for Instagram through MailChimp, and utilising Instagram Influencers to start growing an engaged audience.

Elkfox is a Shopify Expert, and we help merchants expand into new sales channels and grow strategically. Get in touch if you want to know more about using the new Instagram sales channel for your online store.

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