A seamless replatform for Australia’s leading classical dance school and a lateral solution for their complex customer base

We collaborated closely with the Australian Ballet School to engineer a new customer journey, with the goal of simplifying the way students, parents and teachers are managed access the website. We translated this into a custom Shopify storefront using a new updated interface with enhanced functionality.

A new and improved UI on a modern eCommerce platform

A successful migration from a custom platform to Shopify gave the Australian Ballet School the ability to automate their student management.

Multi level customer registration

A simplified student registration process featuring an easy to understand multi-step walkthrough, offers the ability for parents and teachers to register multiple students at once on a single signup form. Registered customers can conveniently access their account and view important information about their students’ auditions or enrolments.

Powerful course management & student bookings

By signing into their account, Customers can register their students for available classes, the website will successfully verify the student’s age and unique ID number before successfully registering and processing students. This unique information is recorded on the Customer’s account so student registration is as simplified as possible.

Curated content for customers

Using a multi level access solution, the school can display curated content to different customer groups, significantly reducing the work involved in distributing content to people with an interest in operations at the school. Customers will see the content that’s applicable to them, depending on the type of customer that they’re classified as, including teachers, parents and media.

Our partners

We collaborate with our technology partners to offer custom solutions to The Australian Ballet School