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MailChimp is one of those services that kind of feels like magic. I mean, yes, it’s a great way to write email campaigns that are pretty swanky. But, despite being an email marketing system, it somehow it does a whole lot more than just email.

The secret sauce? Integrations. MailChimp allows you to bring in lots of different useful online applications into one spot, so that they’re all working in the same way toward your eCommerce goals. Connecting your eCommerce store with your marketing, inventory, customer service, social sites, etc can help you stay ahead of the game and make more insightful decisions.

What do MailChimp integrations even mean? We’ve already talked about using MailChimp to create Instagram and Facebook Ads, as well as Google Remarketing Ads. What else have we got to work with?

MailChimp Integrations You Should Have If You’re Running an Ecommerce Store

Before we start, the biggest one to start with is integrating MailChimp with your Shopify store. It’s just a couple buttons and lets you market to people based on how they shop - including helping you recover abandoned carts and targeting people who have different buying interests and patterns. No brainer. Now, what integrations are next?

Generating Leads

Short Stack helps you create a beautiful landing page with an interactive signup form if you haven’t gotten your Shopify one together just yet.

(P.S. there’s also an in-house MailChimp landing page creator to check out).

Privy creates pop-ups for exit-intent for email campaigns. Pop-ups are quite common (and super effective) for eCommerce landing pages - but far less for emails themselves. Privy lets you do just that.

Digioh offers lightboxes to stick on your landing page. Lightboxes are similar to pop-ups, and can help you generate more email signups with eye-catching design.

Getting where the folks are

~ Facebook is an obvious one. As the largest social media site out there, it would be pretty silly not to be on it. Can’t be bothered to do everything separately? Integrate the content you put out there for both MailChimp emails and Facebook posts. Or just use the integration to help direct traffic where you want it to go.

~ A whole slew of CRMs that you can connect with, if you have a customer management database like Zoho or Salesforce. Oh, and while we’re at it there are some Live Chat integrations and customer service systems like Zendesk.

~ Text Marketer that lets you send SMS alerts to your list for people who have provided their phone numbers. Why bother? Seeing your marketing campaigns side-by-side (email, calls, texts, carrier pigeons, etc) can help you understand what is most effective. Here are a couple of other SMS and call MailChimp integrations, too.

Writing the good stuff

~ Persado helps you write email subjects and content that makes people turn their heads. It uses machine learning to determine emotional cues, allowing you to build your brand’s voice exactly how you want it. Deep.

~ Scoop.It gives you interesting news and articles to put in a curated newsletter. If you are building your company to be a trusted source of information or a content marketer pro in your field, it’s a good idea to blog and create curated newsletters for your readers. Scoop.It takes the work out of it. Nifty.

~ Snap lets you take a photo on your phone and send it straight to a MailChimp segment.

Analysing your data

~ Google Analytics if you’re using Google Analytics (which you probably should be) you can integrate with MailChimp to make sure you’re keeping track of all of your marketing and how it affects sales.

P.S. learn how to use Google Analytics to create goals and funnels for your business, and how to create buyer personas.

P.P.S. you can also integrate MailChimp with Google Contacts and Google Docs.

~ Glew helps you figure out exactly what each of your customer acquisition costs are. It’s an analytics tool that’s built specifically for eCommerce stores.

Let’s stick together

When you integrate everything you use to run your business, it’s more efficient. Elkfox can help you start using all of your tools in one spot, and show you how to make the most of the apps, services and integrations available to Shopify store owners. Talk to us.

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