Make the Switch From Magento to Shopify Plus and Get 6 Months Free!

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Thinking of migrating from Magento to Shopify Plus? Now is the time!

Shopify is currently running a limited-time offer, whereby if you make the move from Magento to Shopify Plus before June 30, you’ll receive your first 6 months free! How good’s that? Not only will you save yourself a bunch of cash, but you can finally take full advantage of Shopify Plus’ advanced features!

There’s never been a better time to make the switch to Shopify Plus. For more information on anything and everything Shopify Plus related, get in touch with us - we’re experts.

Why migrate out of Magento?

Magento may have had a good product when it launched almost a decade ago, but
it has not kept up to meet the needs of e-commerce businesses that need reliability, security and scalability.

So, what are the cons?

Magento users have to build their website around their highest-expected sale

Because Magento is hosted on-premises instead of on the cloud, it has to be set up for whatever the biggest day of the year is, and you have to maintain the extra bits throughout the year, even if you don’t need them. For companies centered around flash sales, this is a huge problem. It means you are wasting your resources most of the year, and if you have not properly forecasted sales, your site will be over capacity and crash in the middle of your big moment.

Businesses using Magento have to put unnecessary resources into keeping their website going

A good website and e-commerce platform takes investment. But Magento users need a professional developer for every little change, and for general maintenance and bug fixes. Not only that, but security risks are common with Magento, where open-source software can be filled with malware. These kinds of limitations make it impossible to be truly flexible with trying new business ideas, without an in-house team of developers at your disposal.

Why migrate to Shopify Plus?

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Peace of mind with flash sales

Shopify Plus’ performance guarantees include 99.99% uptime. With unlimited bandwidth and up to 8,000 orders/minute per store, Shopify’s cloud-hosted servers allow your store to have high variation in sales throughout the year, without crashing on your customers.

No software upgrades. No patches. No maintenance. No playing catch-up.

What if you simply didn’t have to think about whether or not your website was going to do what you expect it to? Shopify Plus offers a hosted platform with dedicated support that takes care of everything on the back end, so you can focus on business development instead.

Higher conversion rates

Shopify Plus users are seeing their conversion rates jump up when they migrate. That’s because Shopify Plus pushes the envelope when it comes to reaching your customers and marketing to them.

Using Shopify, you can improve conversion rates with tools such as:

And it works. During the 2017 BFCM weekend alone, over 400,000 people in the US spent over $30 million 3x faster using Shopify Pay.

Save countless hours

Shopify Plus lets you spend more time on your business development and less time on making your website function the way your customers expect it to. The Shopify mantra is to keep things easy to use, focus on integrating everything you have and offering merchant-focused tools.

For example, Shopify Plus members get included access to tools like:

Launchpad which allows you to set up, schedule and automate almost every process needed to run a flash sale or special event. It allows you to schedule products and promotions to publish across all of your sales channels simultaneously, design new campaign themes that turn on and off on schedule. You can use it to create complex scripts easily, such as creating product bundles for limited times, or free gifts with specific purchases.

Flow creates automated workflows for manual tasks your staff do not need to do themselves anymore. These workflows can help you analyse risk and flag orders that you want to double-check on. Or, you can set up a flow to notify you via text if a customer has returned three or more items over time and just made another return. These kinds of automated workflows are limited only to what you can think up, and can help build a competitive edge. 

Custom Reports which allow you to dive deep into your business analytics from 13 performance dashboards without spending hours in excel. Shopify Reports creates automatic suggestions for Plus users on how to increase average order values and customer lifetime value, reduce cart abandonment and optimise your site for conversion. Use Live View to see customers browse and buy from your store in real-time. 

Security is built in

If something goes wrong with a customer’s sensitive information, you are liable. With the open-source format of Magento, you are responsible for any security breaches, lack of compliance and bugs that lead to identity theft. With Shopify Plus, you get Level 1 PCI DSS compliance throughout platform - so the security burden is on Shopify. You also receive included SSL Certificates throughout entire shopper experience. 

Pre-made extensions of any type you want

Any app or service you want to integrate into a Shopify Plus account, such as a service that automatically calculates carrier shipping and fulfils orders at the best rates, or a returns process that takes out all hassle - these and thousands of apps are already built for Shopify Plus and ready to go. With Magento, every single new feature or third party app you use has to go through a complex onboarding process. Headache? Dev time and spend? Testing and crashing? None of it.

Reduced costs

Say goodbye to Magento's high and unpredictable maintenance fees! Shopify Plus is a commercial platform with monthly fees that include all hosting, upgrades, security and support. There are also no transaction fees to use Shopify Payments with no hidden costs.

International commerce

If you’re a business wanting separate sites in different countries, Shopify Plus is for you: deliver a full multi-store experience for different countries, languages, currencies and seasonal trends.

Migrate to Shopify with Elkfox!

Successful migration with Yellow Octopus

With the release of Magento 2, Yellow Octopus were at a crossroads with their
decision to upgrade or migrate away their existing platform. With the inevitable prospect of building their website from the ground up, the company settled on a migration to Shopify; a platform which enables them to integrate seamlessly with a multitude of applications required for their industry niche.

Along with their internal marketing team, Yellow Octopus worked in tandem with Elkfox to initiate a seamless migration, with no perceptible damage to their enviable and important search rankings.

Within the first 4 months after migrating to Shopify, Yellow Octopus have...

  • Increased revenue by 22.71%
  • Increased conversions by 19.8%
  • Reduced page load time by 23.9%
  • Increased mobile conversion rates by 21.99%

Ready to make the switch?

We’re Shopify Plus experts. If you need help migrating from Magento to Shopify, you’re in the right place. We’ve been helping new and existing businesses on the Shopify platform for years. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you migrate.